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Quarantine process we did before packing done. This process is conducted simultaneously with the preparation of the collection along with your order, and performed at least 3 days. aims to prepare the fish so as to increase resistance to stress that will be generated from the delivery process. This we believe can reduce the death rate that occurred during the delivery process. In addition to quarantine, acclimation is a process that is essential to reduce mortality rates.

DOA (Dead On Arrival):

From experience we can have all this time, accompanied by an increase our packing quality, environmentally friendly fishing practices that can ensure the quality of the fish. So we have successfully reduced the mortality rate at the time of delivery. From the series of this experience we dare give DOA warranty 5% of your order. By this means customers only bear 5% of deaths and the rest is our responsibility.

Calculation method:

1. 5% calculated from the total order (number of fish).
2. The value of DOA is a fraction of the total price of DOA


# Order = 100 individuals (number of fish)
# Total price = Us $ 200
# In case of death = 50 fish

# Calculation:

D.O.A = (50/100) x 100% = 50%
= 50% -5% = 45

Then guarantees that we provide 45% of the price of fish DOA

Claim D.O.A:

All DOA must be reported to a maximum of 24 hours after the cargo arrives at destination airport with evidence in the form of a photo and send it to us.


As long as we run this business, the packing has been progressing very encouraging, good packing for fish as well as for coral, so the packing we can support the survival of up to 48 hours in a packing box. This we can do thanks to the support and guidance from our customers who have been working together with us to improve Our packing quality. For this we extend our gratitude to all our customers.

Structure packing:

Carton Box, Plastic Bag, Styrofoam Box, Plastic Bag, and Double / Triple Bag for Fish. Including oxygen in Double / Triple Bag for Fish and Styrofoam box on dry ice to maintain the room temperature box.


Packing charge:

Box Code Dimension Charge
Standart Box AG 35
US$ 10.00/Box
Medium Box AG 50
US$ 12.50/Box
Large Box AG 60
US$ 15.00/Box
Shark Box Shark
US$ 50.00/bOX

Packaging charge is already include in Packing charge above.



Certificate Of Origin Form-A

US $ 150.00/Shipment
(select one of the documents required)

Export Document
Health certificate
Handling Charge for Document US $ 100.00/shipment
CITIES Wild Cites US $ 3.50/Piece Min 100pcs/document
Cultured Cites US $ 2.50/Piece Min 100pcs/document
Live Rock US $ 1.50/Kg Min 100Kg/document
Handling charge for Cities
US $ 125.00/Shipment

Please specify what documents are required when placing your order to avoid any delays in the shipment. All required documentation will be furnished only upon request and the documentation. Charges will be included in the invoice.


Shipping Charge:

Depending on destination and weight cargo.

Minimum Order:

200Kg cargo weight.

Delivery Time:

After we receive full payment in our account, normally takes 4-7 workdays,
time will required for:
-Collect order and 3 days quarantine.
-Arrangement of flight space.
-Handling all document if necessary.
-Packing etc.

F.O.B. Airport:

-Surabaya (SUB) – Juanda Airport.
-Bali (DPS) – Ngurah Rai Airport


Best Regards,


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