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How to Order

To get a complete price list please contact us via email:

Quarantine & Packing farm:
Situbondo-Banyuwangi street, Banyuwangi-Indonesia

With this price list to fill customer orders, and add notes Colomin column notes if necessary.We hope customers do not make replacement of the cell contain excel because part contains formulas that can interfere with the program.

This price list has been completed for the calculation:
1. Total purchase price.
2. Number of CITES required.
3. Estimation of heavy cargo.
4. And other additional costs including the cost of cargo etc.

Therefore we expect customers simply fill in yellow cells only reply.
1. ORDER column to write the number of orders.
2. NOTE column for records that need our attention.

From this list was later will we create a performance complete with all orders other costs, for details you can find in the TERMS. All orders will be processed after we receive full payment within the account us under the agreement that we do. (This price list may change at any time without prior notice).

To expedite the delivery process:
1. We expect customers to determine all the necessary documents.
2. Letting us know if the transfer payment has been made.

At the time of delivery of cargo shall we include all the necessary documents so that you do not get in trouble for taking cargo at the destination. and invoices according to the contents of cargo via email so customers can easily to double check all transactions.

In conclusion we wish you receive as thanks to all our customers who have supported and cooperation so that we can work more professional
Thank you ........

Best Regards,.